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Article: 5 fun ways in which you can use throws in your interior!

How to use throws in your interior!

5 fun ways in which you can use throws in your interior!

A nice cosy throw blanket cannot be missed in a beautiful living room. But did you know that you can also use throws to brighten up your interior? For example, you can hang the throw blankets over your sofa, but also use them on your bed or put them in a nice basket. In this article, we'll explore 5 fun ways you too can use throws to brighten up your décor and interior.

1- A throw on your bed

A first way in which you can use a nice blanket is by placing the throw blanket on the bed. For example, you can fold the throw completely and then place it on the corner of your bed, or you can of course also use the throw blanket as a kind of runner over your duvet. When choosing a throw to use in your bedroom, it is a good idea to match the throw blanket to the secondary colour of your room. For example, if you combine a lot of white with a little grey, it is best that you choose a grey throw.

2- A throw over your sofa

Do you have a nice throw blanket at home? Then you can also drape the throw nicely over your sofa.

There are a few ways you can drape a throw over your sofa. We have listed a few on here.

  • Over the arm of your sofa

You can fold the throw blanket nicely and place it over the arm of your sofa.

  • Lengthwise over the back of the sofa

You can also choose to hang the throw lengthwise over the back of your sofa. That way you cover the entire back of your sofa with your throw blanket.

  • Over the back in width - folded

One of the most popular ways to drape your throw over the back of your sofa is to fold it up and lay it across the back.

  • Across the back in width - messy

You can also choose to drape your throw over the back of your sofa in a nice messy way. Then you can also put a nice pillow on it to finish it off completely.

  • A knot in your throw

Tie a knot at the end of your blanket. You can then drape this knot over your sofa with the knot on the side of the sofa cushions.

3- Throw blankets in a beautiful wicker basket

You can also put throw blankets in a beautiful wicker basket. Find an antique wicker basket or a wicker basket that is large enough to hold several blankets. You can also decorate the top of the throw blankets. For example, you can put Christmas decorations on the throw in the winter or some pine cones in the fall.

4- Throws and pillows in a basket

When you come across a nice basket or basket bag, you can choose to drape the throw blankets in the basket. This gives your interior a nice touch. Besides, you can also add nice cushions to the basket to fill the space left in the basket.

5- Throws on your outdoor furniture

You can also use your throw blankets to brighten up your garden furniture in spring and summer. For example, you can drape throw blankets over your outdoor chairs or put a throw over the coffee table outside.


Where to find nice throw blankets?

To give your interior a nice boost, it is of course also a plus when you have beautiful throws. When choosing throw blankets, it is best to try to coordinate and combine them with the colours you already use in your interior. It is often the case that white throw blankets or throws in neutral colours work best.

On the Timita website, you can find a lot of different, beautiful throws that fit perfectly within your interior. These throw blankets are made of high-quality Turkish Cotton and therefore last a long time.

Also, on our website, you can choose from different types of throws, from thick blankets that keep you warm on the sofa in winter, to thin throws that are more intended as nice throw blankets that you can pull over yourself during a chilly spring evening or which are rather intended as decoration.

Whichever throw you choose on our website. Try out some fun styles and ways of decorating to see how you can best combine throws in your living room, on your outdoor furniture or even in your bedroom.

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