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Article: 10 ways in which you can use your Turkish Towel!

How To Use Turkish Hammam Towels

10 ways in which you can use your Turkish Towel!

Do you have a Turkish Towel? Turkish Towels are long, thin, soft towels that are great to travel with. Turkish towels have a very rich history and, as the name suggests, were used in Turkish hammams – another name for the Turkish baths. In Turkey a Turkish Towel is called a Peshtemal. But how should you use your Turkish Towel? We have put together a few ideas to help you unlock the versatility of your Turkish Towel!

  1. As a beach towel

A Turkish Towel is very large and soft. That is why Turkish Towels are perfect to use on the beach. In addition, Turkish Towels are easy to fold and are very compact which means you won’t have to drag a big bag around on the beach!

  1. As a baby sheet

Did you know that a Turkish Towel can also be used perfectly as a baby sheet or blanket for your little one? Turkish Towels are known to be incredibly soft which means your baby will sleep like a log under one of these high-quality Turkish Towels!

  1. As a bath towel

You can of course also use a Turkish Towel as a towel. The Turkish Towel is very absorbent as it is made of high-quality wool. In addition, a Turkish Towel also dries very quickly when you hang it outside.

  1. As a picnic blanket

A Turkish Towel can also be used as a picnic blanket. Turkish Towels are easy to fold and nice and soft to sit on - what more could you want from a picnic blanket?

  1. As a yoga mat

Do you enjoy doing yoga outside? Why not use your Turkish Towel as a yoga mat? When you do yoga on soft grass or soft sand, you don't necessarily need a yoga mat. A Turkish Towel would do just fine here!

  1. As a throw blanket

During the spring it can still be a bit chilly outside. That is why it is a great idea to bring a Turkish Towel with you so that you can use the towel as a nice throw blanket. This way you can stay out longer, talking to your friends and drinking a nice local beer or glass of wine.

  1. As a scarf

You can also use your Turkish Towel as a long winter scarf. The Turkish Towel is very soft, nice and long. Just fold the blanket in two and wrap it around your neck. There you go! Makeshift Turkish Towel scarf to keep you warm!

  1. As a resort dress

Did you know that you can easily transform your Turkish Towel into a resort dress? When you get out of the pool, it is often a good idea to put on a little dress or a saree. Your Turkish Towel can be transformed into a great little resort dress by adding some well-placed knots.

  1. As a tablecloth

A Turkish Towel is very versatile. Did you know you can also use your Turkish Towel as a tablecloth? Whether you just sit on a picnic bench, or you need a nice tablecloth on your kitchen table - your Turkish Towel can certainly do the trick!

  1. As a baby carrier

Tie your Turkish Towel around your waist to make a soft and warm baby carrier. More and more parents prefer baby carriers or baby slings to large, bulky prams. You can easily use your Turkish Towel to keep your little one safe, warm and close.


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