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Article: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Bathrobe

Why You Need a Bathrobe

5 Reasons Why You Need a Bathrobe

A nice and warm bathrobe - it is not only cosy in the winter, but it can also be very useful when you need to change or when you have to go downstairs for breakfast in the middle of winter. Although we are of course completely convinced of the usefulness of a bathrobe, we have listed 5 strong reasons why you also need to invest in a bathrobe.

1- Keeps you nice and warm after a bath or shower.

The first reason why you should invest in a good bathrobe is that a bathrobe keeps you nice and warm after a bath or shower. Coming out of a steamy bathroom can feel very cold - especially during the long winter months when it can be very cold and chilly. Putting on a bathrobe can therefore help you to stay warm long after a shower or bath. The bathrobes that we offer at Trimita are not only nice and warm, but they also absorb moisture very quickly without staying wet for long. This is very useful when you walk around with long wet hair as it can make your shirt very wet. Put on one of our excellent bathrobes to absorb the moisture and keep your clothes dry

2- Handy for the beach

A good bathrobe is also useful for the beach. Of course, we are not talking about those fluffy thick bathrobes that keep you nice and warm in the winter, but about thin bathrobes made of natural fibres such as the bathrobes available on our website. These bathrobes help you to dry faster without getting full of sand after swimming. The light fabric ensures that the bathrobe dries quickly. Such a bathrobe can also come in very handy when you go swimming in an outdoor swimming pool and, for example, want to get ice cream in a shop nearby.

3- Perfect to put on for breakfast.

Want to enjoy breakfast during your day off? Put on a bathrobe! A bathrobe will keep you comfy and keeps you warm in the winter when you have to go down in the early morning to turn on the coffee machine. Try to combine a nice bathrobe with a great pair of warm socks or soft slippers to complete your ensemble!

4- You can enjoy lazy Sundays in a bathrobe.

When you have planted a nice lazy Sunday on the couch, it's best to celebrate it in your bathrobe. You don't even have to take off your pyjamas! Just put on a bathrobe and BAM! You can binge your favourite series and movies on Netflix all day long in your bathrobe! And if someone unexpectedly shows up at the door, you are wearing a bathrobe, which is of course less weird than someone who opens the door with messy hair in her pyjamas.

5- A bathrobe is your best friend when you are ill

Not only on a lazy day is a bathrobe a good idea, even when you are ill on the couch your bathrobe is your best friend. The big advantage of the bathrobes that we sell at Trimita is that they are made of light materials and natural fabrics. That way, your body temperature is better regulated, which makes life a bit more pleasant when you have a fever. The fact that this bathrobe dries very quickly is a big advantage, given that the fever sweat quickly disappears and you can get well again in a comfortable and cosy way.

Extra: A bathrobe is a perfect outfit for a day full of self-care

From washing your hair to taking a long bath and even doing your nails or putting on a face mask; a bathrobe is a perfect outfit for a day of self-care. Especially after a stressful week at work, such a day filled with pampering is a real necessity.


If you don't have a bathrobe at home yet, it is high time you order a good a high-quality bathrobe. A bathrobe can keep you warm after a nice bath or a hot shower but can also help you when you are ill or keep you cosy and comfortable during a day of lounging on the couch.

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