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4-layer Muslin Jacket, open front, long sleeves,all-season jacket, muslin Cardigan

* This cotton jacket is a light and comfortable piece. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. It functions perfectly as a robe at home and at the pool and beach. It is a perfect companion for beach, pool, gym, SPA, boat and for any kind of travelling.
* This comfortable cut jacket, which is woven slowly by blending with natural linen and cotton fibres, has a structure that can adapt to the body.
* This product is made of 4 layers of 100% cotton.
* It is perfect beachwear at the same time makes you look both comfortable and stylish. You can wear it over your bikini as super stylish beachwear. You can even be bold and make a fashion statement wearing your kimono as a jacket with your favourite pair of jeans!
* It is crafted with the delicate touch of the human hand, using the highest quality of hand-woven cotton threads.
* This cotton Muslin jacket is quite compact, high-absorbent, lightweight and versatile.
* It dries fast, becomes softer and more absorbent with every wash.
* This handmade open front jacket is a perfect gift for yourself and for your loved ones.
* The shoulder straps and beautiful waist belt make this product unique.
Size: One Standard Size
Fabric Belt
Wide Collar
Belt Loop
Above Knee Length
Handmade Fringe Edges