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Special Collection

A modern twist on traditional, our special collection of Hammam Towel is manufactured on Jacquard shuttle looms, 100% Turkish Cotton with OEKO-TEX certified.

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Save 38%Turkish Towel-Hammam Towel-Patchwork-Green | TrimitaTurkish Towel-Hammam Towel-Patchwork-Green | Trimita
Turkish Towel | Patchwork | Tile & Green & Turquoise Sale price$30.32 Regular price$48.90
Turkish Towel-Peshtemal-Bath Towel-TrimitaTurkish Towel-Peshtemal-Bath Towel-Trimita
Save 38%Turkish Towel | Patchwork  | Teal & Pink & Milk CoffeeTurkish Towel-Patchwork-OEKO-TEX-Hammam Towel-Peshtemal-Trimita
Save 38%zonnebloem-hamamdoek-blauwTurkish Beach Towel 37" x 73" Prewashed for Soft Feel 100% Cotton | Turkish Towel Hammam Towel | Sunflower | Royal Blue & Coffee - Trimita
Sunflower Turkish Towel-Royal Blue and Coffee Sale price$30.32 Regular price$48.90