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Article: Throw Blankets

Throw Blankets

Throw Blankets

Are you looking for an inexpensive and effortless way to brighten up your living room? We bet you haven't thought of throw blankets yet! Throw blankets on the couch, under the coffee table or in a pile next to the fireplace are a perfect way to add color and, above all, cosiness to your living room.

What is a Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is a small blanket that is often used in the living room. In summer, a throw blanket can brighten up your living room, while in winter a throw blanket can keep you nice and warm while you stretch out on the couch.

Throw blankets can be used in many different ways. Throw blankets can be used as decoration on the bed, but also in your living room, as a picnic blanket in the garden or to protect you and your friends from cool summer evenings.

What is the difference between throw blankets and blankets?

The biggest difference between blankets and throw blankets is the size. A throw blanket would never fit onto a large double bed. The material of throw blankets also differs from the blankets we use to sleep under. A throw blanket will often have no filling unlike our down duvets or blankets filled with cotton. In addition, throw blankets are also thinner than the blankets on our bed and throw blankets can consist of materials that are not very suitable for sleeping under – just think of wool or fleece.

How to use throw blankets in your interior?

As mentioned above, you can use throw blankets to brighten up your interior. Here we have listed some nice tips that can give you ideas on how to use throw blankets in your interior.

1. Throw blanket on the couch
The first way in which throw blankets can be used in your interior is by draping the throw blankets on the sofa. In this way, you not only make your living room look a lot cozier, it also makes it easier to grab your throw blanket when you're watching Netflix for an evening.
2. Throw blankets in a pile in a basket
You can also stack the throw blankets all together in a large basket. That way everything seems very tidy and neat while you can still add some color and coziness to your space.
3. Throw blankets on your bed
You can also stack the throw blankets all together in a large basket. That way everything seems very tidy and neat while you can still add some color and coziness to your space.
4. Throw blankets in your home office
Now that we are all working from home more and more, it is also fun to think about how you can use a throw blanket in the interior of your home office. In the winter, the hat can cool down quickly, so that a throw blanket in your home office is not always an unnecessary luxury. You can hang your throw blanket over your desk chair or over a chair in the corner so that you can always easily reach your throw blanket and still add some color and cosiness to your home office.
5. Throw blankets in your garden
Finally, you can also use throw blankets in your garden. Although we love the summer temperatures, it can cool down quite a bit in the evening. It is therefore a very nice idea to provide your friends, family or guests with throw blankets to keep them warm during the evening. That way you can enjoy a beautiful evening outside and a nice glass of wine for longer.

Why choose Trimita throw blankets?

Trimita is a boutique that sells beautiful Turkish Towels and Throw Blankets. All Trimita products are made from 100% cotton by women in Anatolia. Choosing Trimita means choosing throw blankets and towels that are handmade in the traditional Turkish way. It's not only a way to bring Anatolian culture into your home, but also to support a women-led company that puts women to work making products that women love.

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