Throw Blanket Size Guide: Choose the best dimensions for your needs and your style

What is a Throw Blanket?

Throw blankets are smaller than regular blankets, there is no other difference. Throw blankets come in a variety of fabrics, textures and colours. They are practical as well as they are typically used to decorate bedding or furniture. It is perfect for staying warm when you don’t want to drag a full-sized blanket when you are watching TV, drinking your coffee on the couch, or napping on the sofa. You can also use the blankets for different purposes in your interior.

Which size is right for you?

Throw Blankets are not the same size as traditional bedding because they are designed to be used in more places than the bed. They are multifunctional. Not only for beds but they're also meant to accessorize and keep you warm in any room.


A standard throw blanket size is 50 x 60 inches.


A twin throw blanket size is 60 x 90 inches.


Queen throw blankets measure 96 x 90 inches.

King Size

King size throw blankets measure 108 x 90 inches.

These dimensions can be different according to the material of the throw blankets or production technique.

How to Choose the Right Size Throw Blanket?

Almost all sizes of throw blankets go well with any couch, bed, or person so it’s rare to pick the wrong size of a throw blanket. In any case, you can consider the height and size of your furniture, to choose the right size of throw blanket.



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