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Our hammam towels (Turkish Towels or Peshtemal Towel) are hand-loomed by old-style shuttle looms machine with %100 natural and highest quality cotton. This makes our hammam towels extremely soft and highly water absorbent. They are manufactured in Buldan/Denizli, the centre of the hammam towels, at the small-scale weaving mill. You will feel the quality and softness when you touch. 

Lykos Turkish Towel


Turkish Towel Pestemal Beach Travel Peshtemals Bath Fouta Cotton Large | Black Striped


Rainbow Turkish Towel


Turkish Beach Towel | Diamond


Trimita Turkish Towel | Striped


Striped Turkish Towels


Rıbboned Turkish Towel


Turkish Towel | Plain Herringbone


Turkish Towel | Paw | Two Sided