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Trimita provides the best Turkish Towels

The term ‘Trimita’ was the name of the tunics which were woven in Laodiceia. Today, the textile is as important as in ancient time around this land. Trimita is the symbol of traditional textile production, and our goal is to sustain this unique feature of Trimita. Therefore we are cooperating with small-sized enterprises which employ female labour and use traditional production methods.


Our main aim is to provide special, natural and high-quality products to our customers. We have been working within the framework of trust, commercial ethics and customer satisfaction with an awareness of responsibility. In addition, we aim to make a difference with our environmentally friendly and renewable textile products made of organic Turkish cotton.
Gülçin Deyneli, who is a civil engineer that has worked in many fields of the construction sector for many years, created a universal brand name called "Trimita", producing comforting and natural 100% cotton Turkish hammam towels, throws and bathrobes by combining Anatolia's profound values with technology and women's handicraft, which will make you feel special.


To design and provide special products of the future that are respectful to universal values and cultures for individuals who want to feel good.


To be a global design brand that personalizes products by using the language of colors.