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A girl holding coral Turkish Hammam Towel at the beach-sea-summer | Trimita

What makes a good Hammam Towel and how do you care for?

A Hammam towel is an indispensable accessory. You use hammam towels at home after a hot bath, in the garden while sunbathing or during a holiday at the beach. You can use Turkish Hammam Towels in a lot of different ways. To keep yourself dry and warm after swimming, but also as a trendy pareo or picnic blanket.
Why You Need a Bathrobe

5 Reasons Why You Need a Bathrobe

A nice and warm bathrobe - it is not only cozy in the winter, it can also be very useful when you need to change or when you have to go downstairs for breakfast in the middle of winter.
April 29, 2021  in Bathrobe