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The term "Trimita" was the name of the tunics which were woven in Laodicea.

Laodicea was founded by Antiochos II Theos from Seleukos between the years 261-253 BC, named after Antiochos’ wife Laodike. This ancient city is situated 6 km North of Denizli, which is one of the most important textile centers of today’s world.

Laodicea was an influential trade and textile center in the 1st century BC. At that time, the tunics called ‘Trimita’ made of a kind of cloth called ‘Laodicean’ was so famous that the city was called ‘Trimitaria’ for a period. The word Trimita had also referred to three knits or three colours. It was believed that when a woman put on these woven clothes, she was assumed to follow the latest fashion in Laodicea, which was the fatherland of fashion thanks to Trimitas.


Laodicea is calling you


Laodicea is calling you-Trimita