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Best Turkish Beach Towels

TOP QUALITY: Trimita Turkish Towels (Turkish Hammam Towel, Peshtemal Towel or Fouta) are hand-loomed by old-style shuttle looms machine with %100 natural and highest quality Turkish cottonThis makes our hammam towels extremely soft and highly water absorbent.  You will feel the quality and softness when you touch. 

✅ LIGHTWEIGHT & LESS SPACE - Rolls up neatly to pack & go. Perfect for bath, beach, pool, spa, sauna, gym, yoga, travel, camping, and picnic. Less storage space, take up about a quarter of the space of a traditional plush towel. 

✅ ABSORBENT AND DRIES QUICKLY: Trimita Turkish Beach Towels absorb water quite fast and dry very quickly without a mildewy smell. Becomes softer and absorbent after several washes.

✅ MULTI-PURPOSE: Trimita Turkish Beach Towels are versatile and have a decorative design. They are used as a bath towel, beach towel, kitchen towel, gym towel, hammam towel, spa towel, travel towel, beach or picnic blanket, pareo, beach cover-up, scarf, and even a nursing cover. They can also be used as a tablecloth, sofa cover, or as a nice throw for home decoration.