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  • Blanket | Japanese Rose | 180x220 cm
Blanket | Japanese Rose  | 180x220 cm

Blanket | Japanese Rose | 180x220 cm


Our Exclusive Line introduces comfort and modernity to your home with its unique design and prints. You can mix or match it with cushions or different home accessories to create your own cosy corner that makes your home elegant and bright.

But do not forget, our blanket is not just decorative and nice to look at, it will keep you warm over the winter months as well. It will be indispensable for winter nights.


Pattern: Front side digitally printed and backside plain ecru colour

Material: 41%  cotton, 35% polyester, 16% viscose, 8% acrylic

Size: 180x220cm (± 5% tolerance)

Weight: ~1600 gr

Washing instructions: 

Wash the blanket in cold water

Use the gentle cycle on the washing machine with cold water. Or hand wash with cold water. 

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