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VERSATILE: Perfect for snuggling up on the couch, bed as a decorative, movie theatre, park, farmhouse, Christmas gift, or while watching TV.

DECORATİVE: These blankets have a very chic and trendy look, throw over a couch, sofa, or bed to add a splash of colour and provide warmth on a cold night.

PERFECT SIZE: Trimita blanket collection contains different sizes which are suitable for any place.

Throw Blanket | Herringbone | 51 x 67" | Navy Blue


Scotch Blanket


Throw Blanket | Herringbone | 51 x 67" | Grey


Throw Blanket-Herringbone-Baby Blue - 51 x 67"


Throw Blanket Herringbone-Coral


Wool Throw Blanket


Herringbone Blanket-Beige