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What makes a good Hammam Towel and how do you care for?

by Gülçin Deyneli on June 06, 2021  in Beach TowelHammam TowelPeshtemalResort DressTurkish Beach TowelTurkish Hammam Towel

A Hammam towel is an indispensable accessory. You use hammam towels at home after a hot bath, in the garden while sunbathing or during a holiday at the beach. You can use hammam towels in a lot of different ways. To keep yourself dry and warm after swimming, but also as a trendy pareo or picnic blanket. What does a high-quality Hammam Towel look like? What material are hamam towels made of and how can they best be cared for?

This is how you recognize a high-quality Hammam Towel

Nowadays, you can find Turkish beach and Hammam towels in almost every store. Though, the quality can vary enormously. Cheap towels are often made of lower-quality fabrics. This means that the material contains only a small percentage of cotton. Besides, they are produced on a large scale. This process does not make the cheap Hammam Towels fair trade or sustainable. As a result, you may not benefit from the advantages that an original Turkish Hammam Towel does. So, it is important to know how a good towel is made.
An original Turkish Hammam Towels (or Hammam Beach Towels) are fair trade. They are made of 100% cotton and have a strong absorbent capacity. That is why they are also used as towels during summer times. Cotton dries quickly and is very lightweight. Therefore, you can take these towels with you wherever you go. In your bag for a day at the beach or travel trolley. Turkish Peshtemals or Hammam Towels are 100% sand-free. They are handwoven and produced traditionally in Denizli, Turkey.

3 Tips! This is the best way to care for your Hammam Towel.

Of course, you want to keep your soft 100% cotton Turkish beach and Hammam towel beautiful as long as possible. You can do this by taking care of your beach towel in the right way. This is not difficult at all. Especially not when you make use of the 3 tips below. By doing so, you will enjoy your soft cotton Hammam towel even longer.

✓ How to clean your Hammam towel?: You'll want to wash your towel when it’s dirty. If you’re doing that for the first time, you can soak the hammam towel in cold water for 24 hours. This prevents the cotton fibres from shrinking during washing. Wash the beach and hammam towel at a temperature of 30 degrees. Use a PH-neutral detergent and do not add a softener. Always wash the towel separately. This prevents threads from coming loose by buttons or zippers of another laundry.

✓ How to dry Turkish Hammam towel: Turkish Hammam towels dry very quickly. The use of a dryer is not necessary. By air drying these towels, they retain their natural shape. The Hammam towels remain nice and soft without any wrinkles.

✓ Loose fringes or threads: Hammam towels consist of woven thread. These cotton threads can get out of shape with use. If your Hammam towel has loose threads, straighten the towel to restore its shape. You can also cut off the loose thread with a sharp scissor. Turkish Hammam towels also has hand-knotted tassels. These are also called fringes. Is the knot loose after washing? Then you can easily fix it yourself by tying the tassels firmly together again.

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